Guaranteed quality

Our commitment with the Quality Assurance and Environmental Department of TRATAMIENTO SUPERFICIAL ROBOTIZADO, S.L. (TSR WIND) is reflected by the implementation of the requirements of the standards established by ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 and by the definition of our Policy, as a priority and integral part of our business project, defined by our Managing Director for the development of our activity in the field of: - Tower, blade and wind turbine maintenance services. – Design, manufacture and sale/hire of robotic equipment for wind turbine maintenance.

This Integrated Policy, drawn up within the framework of a commitment to continuous improvement, is based on the following objectives: - Satisfy our customers’ requirements and anticipate their needs, making use of continuous improvement to guarantee the fulfilment of said requirements and needs. – Achieve a clear technical definition to ensure the good quality of our processes. – Comply with the applicable legal/mandatory requirements and other requisites. – Commitment to prevent pollution due to our activity, mainly located in the residues that are generated. – Commitment to minimise the effects of the professional activity on the workers’ health. – Commitment to exercise our activity with respect for the environment. – Commitment to seek information and training to establish a continuous improvement system that enables us to comply with legislation and other applicable requirement to our environmental aspects.

To achieve the foregoing, our efforts will be directed towards the following procedures: - Commitment of the staff to adapt to the technical specifications and organisation of the process. Likewise, help to prevent pollution and protect the environment, becoming accountable for any possible environmental impact derived from the professional activity. – Request information and training with the purpose of achieving work well done. – Set targets and goals related to Quality Assurance and Environment and work in a team to achieve them. – Commitment to provide all the human and material means necessary with the purpose of attaining suitable environmental management.