Cerberus robot – Internal blade inspection

Due to the increasing need to check the condition of the interior of the blades, the TSR Wind company developed, in collaboration with one of the main turbine manufacturers worldwide, a robotic solution for internal blade inspection.

The result of this is the Cerberus robot, which is already in the third improved version, Cerberus 210. It is a tool that we are able to use to systematize and improve the quality of inspections, by reducing costs, increasing the length of the inspected blade and, above all, minimizing the work of operators inside the blades. Thus, the high risk and complications associated with these confined space inspections can be avoided.
One of the objectives of the wind sector in recent years has been to minimize the accident rate. Ensuring the safety of workers is already an imperative for the wind companies. They continually search for new methods to protect the safety of their technicians.
This is one of the reasons that led one of the largest wind turbine manufacturers to promote and participate in the development of a robot, which is capable of carrying out work in a small and potentially hazardous space. In this way, the staff can work from the hub or the nacelle, monitoring in real time the work of the robot and the images transmitted.
The other objective of the sector is to reduce the cost of wind farm maintenance operations in order to optimize their profitability. TSR Wind has developed a technological solution that significantly reduces the cost of inspection minimizing: the time required, the hours of the qualified personnel, the need for specific training for work in confined spaces. This makes it possible to inspect the graphic material afterwards, which avoids the movement of specialists since they are able to do it centrally from their offices.

Read more: https://www.pes.eu.com/wind/robotics-the-next-era/


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