Our Core

R&D and applied robotics development for wind farm maintenance

Improving the wind

Engineering and robotics at the service of the wind power industry

Our mission

Engineering and robotics at the service of the wind power industry

1. Data collection

  • High tech robotics

  • Data collection quality in the field

  • Qualified technicians

2. Data processing

  • Own development software
  • Image stitching
  • Data treatment
  • Automatic damage recognition

3. Data analysis

  • Independant expert technicians analyze and asses damages
  • Recommendations
  • Statistics of your assets damages
  • Compare the results obtained season by season

4. Report download

  • Online access to all inspection data
  • Download all the information from anyware (reports, summaries, damages images, statistics, etc.)

Engineering and robotics

at the service of the wind power industry

Made up of engineers from the renewable energy and robotics industries, TSR Wind is a Spanish engineering firm specialised in developing innovative solutions for wind turbine maintenance that has transformed the wind power industry with its magnetic robots..

More about TSR Wind

TSR Wind began its journey in 2008 thanks to Jose Antonio Casanova, our honorary president and tireless engineer who did not stop until he turn into a true his ideas to provide robotic solutions to the wind industry, reducing the risk for employees and optimizing costs.

In 2017, with a lot of effort and a very few people, it finally became a reality and the first external blade inspections with the magnetic robot EOLOS began to be carried out. In 2018 the company began to grow, reaching great successes and continuing with new developments such as the CERBERUS robot, for internal blade inspection, which was marketed in 2019, a year of great growth in the services provided for internal and external blade inspections, reaching 2.000 wtgs inspected.

TSR Wind’s activity does not stop, and it is constantly researching and developing new products and services demanded by the wind industry.


The objective of TSR is to optimise and fully leverage wind turbine maintenance using technology and robotics, also eliminating the risk of accidents inherent to the wind power industry.

Inspected wind turbines

Damages found


External blade inspection with EOLOS robot


Internal blade inspection with CERBERUS robot


Web platform TSR Inspector for clients



High-definition photographic inspection of the blades



Internal blade inspection



Ultrasonic weld inspection


Cleaning the exterior of towers and blades

TSR Inspector

All your wind turbine data in a web platform, TSR INSPECTOR, which offers our clients a service with a seal of quality and independence in the inspection.


  • Developed in collaboration with UPM
  • Image stitching. Full blade
  • Automatic damage recognition


  • All inspection data storaged
  • Damage measurements, location and comments
  • Possibility to analyze the inspection repeatedly
  • Expert technicians analyze and assess damages
  • • Recommendations


  • All your asset inspections in a single platform
  • Automatic statistics of your assets damages
  • Online access to all inspection data
  • Download all the information from anywhere (reports, summaries, damage images, statistics, etc.)
  • Compare the results obtained season by season


Our focus

Increase the inspections quality and systematize data collection.

Reduce the risk for workers.

Optimize costs and inspection time.

To become an independent asset inspection reference company.


Breaking news

TSR Wind makes test with TECNALIA

TSR Wind makes test with TECNALIA

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Robotics: the next era

Robotics: the next era

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Last and successful tests of ARGOS

Last and successful tests of ARGOS

In TSR Wind (Tratamiento Superficial Robotizado S.L.) we have successfully carried out the latest tests with the new cleaning robot, wind...

TSR Wind around the world

Wherever you have your assets, we inspect them.

TSR Wind offers very high quality inspection services with qualified and independent tecnicians. We provide services all over the world with our own staff or with local support from collaborating companies

Engineering and robotics at the service of the wind power industry




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