Welds inspection

Kratos photo

Non-destructive testing (NDT)

KRATOS robot is designed to climb metallic surfaces. Attaching an intelligent probe holder device which uses ultrasonic testing methods Time of Fight Diffraction(TofD) and Phased Array (PAUT), is able to inspect metallic wind turbine towers.


Ultrasonic report can be check in our web platform TSR Inspector. This allows know welds status year to year.
Ultrasonido realizado por KRATOS
Van TSR Wind


An operator on the ground monitors the robot’s activity by accurately directing the operations. This replaces the need to use mobile platforms or operators working at height, thus eliminating risk of injury.


  • Reduces inspection costs
  • Eliminates the use of elevation platforms, scaffolding or rope access
  • Reduces inspection times
  • Analyses the totality of welds, not just localized points
  • Reliable results. Analysis by a level II ultrasound expert
  • Reports and images always accessible in TSR Inspector
  • Makes a recording of the entire weld