Eolos robot performs the inspection by means of an integrated high-resolution camera that takes top-quality, detailed photographs, which show the exact condition of the blade, as well as detailed pictures of any damage detected.


All the information about each blade is uploaded onto our server, where it can be consulted by customers. This enables them to know the condition of the blades at all times, thus adding huge added value to the service offered by TSR Wind.

Van TSR Wind


An operator on the ground monitors the robot’s activity by accurately directing the operations. This replaces the need to use mobile platforms or operators working at height, thus eliminating risk of injury.


  •  Speed: 5 wtg/day.

  • Wind limits: 0

  • Damages location: Exact

  • Risk for workers: 0

  • Quality: HD images of the full blade, maximum detail, minimum lenth to the blade.