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External blade inspection with Eolos Robot


Does the robot inspect the blade by moving over it?
No, the robot performs the photographic inspection from the wind turbine tower. The high quality obtained is due to the fact that our EOLOS robot remains attached to the tower and moves through it to a certain height, positioning itself very close to the blade.
Is there a risk to workers?
No, the robot weighs about 25 kg, and a single operator can place it on the tower. Once positioned, the operator remotely controls the robot from an area close to the wind turbine, in no case under the robot. It is a robot with powerful magnets that prevent the robot from falling, but if the robot slid down it would never fall on anyone.
Is it necessary to stop the aero to perform the inspection?
Indeed, it is necessary to stop the aero for a few minutes to be able to carry out the inspection. The EOLOS robot can climb the tower with the wind generator operating, however, to take pictures it is necessary to stop it and position the blades according to our procedure so that the shot is very high quality.
How long does it take to perform an inspection with EOLOS?
Our usual inspection rate is 5 wind turbines per day, the inspection usually takes about 80 / 90min per wtg.

Internal blade inspection with Cerberus robot


Does the robot inspect the blade by getting into it?
Indeed, it is a small robot that makes possible to inspect deep into the blade, reducing the inspection time, the costs and the risks for the technicians.
Is this inspection risky for technicians?
To carry out this inspection, the operator only places the robot at the beginning of blade, and later it is managed by remote control from the nacelle.
Could the robot get trapped inside the blade?
The CERBERUS robot is equipped with a safety cable so it can be rescued from any point.
Is it necessary to stop the windturbine to perform the inspection?
Yes, it is. It is necessary to stop the wind turbine and place the blade horizontally parallel to the ground.
How long does it take to perform an inspection with CERBERUS?
The usual internal inspection ratio is 1.5 wind turbines per day, the inspection usually takes about 4 hours per wtg.

Tower weld inspection with Kratos robot


Is it necessary to use cranes to inspect the welds?
The weld inspection service offered by TSR, as well as the rest of the services, are designed to optimize costs and avoid risk to workers. Cranes or elevators are not necessary, it is a magnetic robot that attaches to the steel tower and moves by remote control.
What type of weld inspection is carried out?
This is an ultrasound inspection. The KRATOS robot is equipped with a powerful industrial device with Phased Array and TOFD technology. Information can be monitored in real time or downloaded for later inspection.
Does TSR have specialized ultrasound technicians?
Indeed, TSR has a level 2 ultrasound specialist on its team, who would be in charge of carrying out the damage report.
Does the aero need to be stopped to perform the inspection?
The operation of the welding inspection service does not require it. In this sense, TSR Wind will operate following the security procedures of each wind farm.
How long does it take to perform an inspection with KRATOS?
The inspection time depends mainly on the height of the tower and the number of welds to be inspected. An average inspection rate for an 8-section tower is about 2 or 3 hours.
Could the inspection cause any damage to the tower?
In no case. It is an NDT (nondestructive testing) ultrasound equipment, and it does not cause any type of damage to the tower.

TSR Inspector – Damage Report



Does TSR Wind carry out the damage reports?
The categorization and performance of the damage report is an optional service to the inspection. TSR Wind has expert blade technicians who can make the reports. The 4 complete surfaces images of the hole blade are found on our web platform, available to perform the categorization and automatic report of wind turbine damage. This categorization could be done by our experts or by the client. In the same way, our software facilitates an image reconstruction of the recording made during the internal inspection to be able to categorize the damage.
Besides a report by wtg, does TSR provide any other damage reports?
The TSR Inspector platform allows you to download an EXCEL document with all the data collected in our inspections, the name of the aero, the blade’s serial number, the categorization of damages found and their description, etc …

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