Robot cerberus dentro de una pala


CERBERUS robot, specialized in internal inspection of blades, operates by going through the interior of the blade to depths unattainable by maintenance technicians. Using 3 HD cameras, it is capable of recording video and images along the glue lines of the shells and other vulnerable points.


CERBERUS robot versatility and agility gives this inspection a greater efficiency in the process than traditional methods. It allows to inspect a greater length of the blade, it is posible to analyze the damage afterwards and contrast results because the entire route is recorded and it is at the customer’s disposal.

Van TSR Wind


The CERBERUS mobile robot operates remotely and prevents workers from accessing the inside of the blade, minimizing the risk inherent in working in these spaces. A technician from nacelle monitors and directs the inspection, obtaining acurate data.


  • Speed: 2 wtg/day.

  • Damages location: Accurate

  • Risk for workers: 0

  • Quality: HD video of the entire blade