Cleaning the exterior of towers and blades

Argos robot de limpieza de aerogeneradores tsr wind

Created to perform heavy-duty work, Argos robot is based on a magnetic-coupling platform that can carry large loads. Due to its versatility and adaptation capacity, it is ideal for cleaning both the tower and the blades. These features, together with its high load capacity, mean that different devices can be incorporated in accordance with the required service. For example, for cleaning tasks, water jets or rotary brushes can be added and to clean the blades, an extensible device similar to a water cannon can be incorporated.

 The platform clings to the tower by means of neodymium magnets, thanks to which it is able to carry over 100 kg. An innovative traction system enables it to move in any direction; therefore, it can cover the entire surface of the wind turbine. Different devices for different operations, such as tower and blade cleaning or conductivity testing, can be coupled to the robot, while new devices and improvements are still being developed.