TSR WIND has already inspected the blades of more than 2,000 wind turbines around the world. What is the worst thing you have found in these inspections?

On more than one occasion we have carried out inspections in wind farms that had already carried out other blade inspections, and we have found damage so serious that the turbine had to be stopped due to the risk. This is because when routine inspections are carried out to comply with the record, they are fast and cheap but poor quality. This can mean that you do not detect damage early or serious damages that can risk the structural integrity of the blade.

How fast and versatile is your Eolos 250 robot?

Our new version is more compact, which allows better technicians handling and transport. We have mechanically optimized the design to make it more robust, safe and reliable. We have greatly improved the control electronics, its reliability and efficiency. This means a better control of the robot’s elements such as motors, camera, etc.

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